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  1. BDP Tour 2013

    Please contact us at editorkakofonie@googlemail.com if you would like to invite us to your hometown for a reading, exhibition, discussion or other related happenings.


    Valencia: Jan 16 - 19. galería rosa.santos. Workshop with John Holten, Lorenzo Sandoval and Rafa Tormo

    Salamanca: Feb University of Salamanca Como lo Oyes

    Madrid: Feb 13 - 17. Madrid. Public performance

    Milan: Feb 21 Launch of The Kakofonie 007

    Berlin: Feb 23 Stopoff reading compere performance by John Holten in Altes Finanzamt

    Berlin: Mar 13 Stopoff invite to Node Center for Curatorial Studies

    Berlin: Mar 19 Stopoff reading with Shane Anderson, Hanne Lippard and John Holten at Mind pirates

    London: Apr 6 at X marks the Bökship (Publisher of the Month) 

    Bristol: tbc

    Berlin: Apr 24 GALLERY WEEKEND Office Party at Kinderhook & Caracas

    Copenhagen: May 2-4 Overgaden Art Centre (book fair with presentation)

    Dublin: tbc

    Aachen: May 7-9 Karlspreis

    Maastricht: May 8 Work session as part of the Charlemagne European Youth Prize

    Reykjavík: May 11, Útúrdúr Bókabúð 7-9pm

    Venice: May 28 - Jun 1. Venice train station. Hanne Lippard: Book launch and reading

  2. Øresund Bridge, May 2013

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