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  1. Wordpharmacy
  2. Wordpharmacy

    Morten Søndergaard

    Büro BDP

    Febuary 3 – 16

    Vernissage Feb. 2 19 – 22h

    Opening times 14-18h and by appointment

    Broken Dimanche Press is proud to announce the exhibition Wordpharmacy by Danish writer and artist Morten Søndergaard. To coincide with the publication baring the same name, Wordpharmacy is a visual installation that celebrates this ambitious semantic and medicinal project. Playfully equating the structure of language with pharmaceutical products, the publication consists of ten medicine boxes, each representing one of the ten word-groups. Each box contains a leaflet that functions as an instructional poem, guiding the reader’s ingestion of the given word group. In order to fully realise the helpful nature, Broken Dimanche Press are happy to have our Büro transformed by Søndergaard into a literary pharmacy, including authentic apothecary fixtures and fittings.


    By rewriting already existing instructions for the use of medicine, Wordpharmacy playfully intertwines the structure of language with the healing principles of various medicaments. Like pills, language is something to be consumed by the body, and in turn it does not only affect our conceptions of things, but it also comes to designate our very corporal movability in the world. The artist himself will be present during Wordpharmacy, ready to prescribe suitable words for bodily as well as psychological malfunction.


    Morten Søndergaard’s (born 1964) debut collection of poetry, Sahara i mine hænder (Sahara In My Hands) from 1992 has been followed by a succession of works which have won him both critical acclaim and a number of literary awards. He was twice nominated for the Nordic Council Prize for Literature, and his books have been translated many languages. Constantly exploring new ways to present language, Morten Søndergaard has produced musical and dramatic works and in recordings, exhibitions and installations centred on language, sound and movement. In its Danish version, Wordpharmacy has previously been exhibited at Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Arts Center, Bakkehusmuseet and at The Skovgaard Museum.

    Wordpharmacy is translated by Barbara Haveland, designed by Christian Ramsø and published by Broken Dimanche Press. The project is supported by The Danish Arts Council Committee for Visual Arts and The Danish Arts Council Committee for Literature.


  3. Gaëlle Kreens 


    August 10  7pm-10pm, Buro BDP, Emserstrasse 43, 12051

    Broken Dimanche Press is proud to present concrete textual work by Gaëlle Kreens        

    Gaëlle Kreens:

    Attended : birth, childhood, schools, love ...
    Failed : often
    Hopes : still
    and therefore, is an active member of The Wishers' Club



  4. Two works by Sophia Le Fraga

    As a part of our exhibition series Exhibiting Literature, Büro BDP is proud to present American writer Sophia Le Fraga. Le Fraga’s conceptual writings often evolve around playful appropriations, erasures or cut-ups of already existing texts. Her poems investigate the various possibilities of inserting competing systems of signification within already given semantic structures, and in so doing they challenge, question and expand our general use of language.

    For her exhibition at Büro BDP, Le Fraga will show two poem-installations, which both deploy visual-aesthetic elements as crucial factors in the poems’ formation of meaning. In these works colour, image and space become as significant as the words themselves, opening up the possibility of remolding text into image, and poem into painting.

    Sophia Le Fraga (b. 1990) grew up in New York and is finishing her B.A in Linguistics and Poetry at New York University. Her work has appeared in The Last Romantics, The Stolen Island Review and Lemon Hound. She currently resides in Berlin.“

    July 7, 2011, From 18.00 to 21.00 pm, Büro BDP, Emserstrasse 43, 12051 Berlin// S-Bahn Hermannstrasse (Ringbahn, S46) //  http://brokendimanche.eu//


  5. We are very happy to announce a collaboration with ...ment

    ....ment is an initiative run by Federica Bueti, Benoit Loiseau, Clara Meister.



    Welfare State...ment
    Wednesday 29th June from 6pm 
    BDP Büro 
    Emserstrasse 43 in Neukölln, Berlin
    (nearest Ubahn: Hermannstrasse)

    Event photo courtesy of Elmgreen&Dragset

    To further discuss and investigate the complexity of Welfare State …ment will expand its usual editorial format to take the form of a public discussion.  The event invites artists, curators and cultural practitioners to answer the following question:

    How does society produce artists?

    The Statement will give the opportunity to articulate further reflections on the role of educational, cultural and social institutions in current cultural and artistic production. The same question has been previously answered by artist and theorist Liam Gillick in a 5m 26s audio piece included in the audio-collection Liam Gillick. An Idea Just Out of Reach.

    Gillick’s audio piece reflects and problematizes the role of art institutions and centres of power in the formation of individual and collective artist’s subjectivity. In a related text the artist pointed out:  

    The challenge is the supposition that artists today—whether they like it or not—have fallen into a trap that is pre-determined by their existence within a regime that is centred on a rampant capitalization of the mind. The accusation inherent in the question is that artists are at best the ultimate freelance knowledge workers and at worst barely capable of distinguishing themselves from the consuming desire to work at all times, neurotic people who deploy a series of practices that coincide quite neatly with the requirements of the neoliberal, predatory, continually mutating capitalism of the every moment.

    Artists are people who behave, communicate, and innovate in the same manner as those who spend their days trying to capitalize every moment and exchange of daily life. They offer no alternative to this. (Excerpt from The Good of Work, edited by Brian Kuan Wood and published online by e-flux journal, NY, 2010).


     We want to propose again the same question with the aim to start a fruitful debate on this and other relevant issues in the form of 5m 26s public statements. The statement is generally required when an artist or cultural worker wants to apply for schools, residences, jobs, awards and other forms of institutional support. However, the statement resembles and derives in part from avant-garde manifestos, where it was an expression of criticism and dissensus.  

    We would like to use the Statement as a form of individual participation and of collective responsibility. The event will be realised in collaboration with Broken Dimanche Press, an independent publishing initiative founded and directed by John Holten and Line Madsen Simenstad and it will be accompanied by the sound piece by Liam Gillick and a spatial intervention by Riccardo Benassi. The event will take place on June 29th 2011 6pm at  Büro BDP Broken Dimanche Press' office.

    Emserstrasse 43 in Neukoelln,

    U&Sbahn: Hermannstrasse    





  6. From April 2011 BDP will initiate a series of exhibition-events in our space in Berlin, Germany. 

    Contact us with proposals or for more details.


    Exhibition 1

    The MINI Musuem of XXI Century Arts

    Martin John Callanan 

     Opening: Thursday April 21, 7-9pm.  

    Show: April 22 - May 5,

    Mon-Fri 2-6pm and by appointment

    Exhibition 2


    Cia Rinne

    Opening: May 16, 2011, From 18.00 to 20.00 pm

  7. friends and enemies
    Cia Rinne
    Büro BDP
    May 16, 2011, From 18.00 to 20.00 pm
    To mark the publication of the latest issue of The Kakofonie Broken Dimanche Press are delighted to announce that Büro BDP next plays host to Cia Rinne, a concrete, visual poet at home when pushing and furthering the poetics and semiotics of several languages. Rinne works playfully and minutely with the material aspects of language. In her poetry, the phonetic and visual elements of words lead meaning astray, and instill in language a kind of linguistic turmoil, where words merge and generate new contexts facilitated by their physical qualities rather than their semantic meanings.
    For the exhibition friends and enemeies, Rinne will present a selection of her new work consisting of 77 postcards with typewritten texts in different languages in the space, and the sound installation sounds for soloists based on a reading of her book notes for soloists (in collaboration with Sebastian Eskildsen 2010).
    The exhibition marks the publication of the forth issue of The Kakofonie, a special postcard edition designed by FUK laboratories Berlin. The postcard consists of a poem each by Cia Rinne and Jota Castro, a recto-verso investigation into recent objective and subjective realities, collapsing supposed historical and political opposites at the same time as challenging them.
    Cia Rinne was born in Gothenburg/Sweden in 1973 and grew up in West Germany. Most recently she exhibited the work Night Calendar (in collaboration with Antonio Scarponi) at ISCP, New York, 2010. In June 2011 she will participate in the Turku Biennale, Finland. Her publications include zaroum (2001), the online work archives zaroum (afsnitp.dk 2008), the book notes for soloists (OEI Editör, Stockholm 2009), and the sound work sounds for soloists (in collaboration with Sebastian Eskildsen, 2010). Rinne currently lives and works in Berlin.

  8. All photos: Martin John Callanan

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      All photos: Martin John Callanan

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    Broken Dimanche Press are delighted to announce that Büro BDP will be inaugurated with Martin John Callanan and The MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts.

    Since 2007, Callanan has linked his status updates across social networking sites to display messages in unison. The updates always read "Martin John Callanan is okay", with corresponding dates to show when they were published. 

    For the first exhibition at Büro BDP, Callanan has printed all the status updates on a single table sized sheet of roll paper. Using the obsolete technology of a pen plotter, which marks the text onto the paper with a standard writing pen, the text characters have been reproduced with machine precision. After the opening night, the table will gradually revert to it's everyday use as an office desk.

    The 209 updates are displayed  sequentially in reverse chronological order on the MINI Museum of XXI Century Art which occupies the window on Emserstrasse.

    Opening & BBQ: Thursday 21 April 2011, 7-11pm.
    Show: 22 April - 5 May 2011

    Büro BDP
    Emserstrasse 43 / 12051-Berlin





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