Broken Dimanche Press is a European press interested in all aspects of books within the wider discourses of contemporary art and literature. We are committed to operating beyond and across national borders and language regions. Founded in Berlin in 2009, we are comprised of a gallery project space Büro BDP and a publishing house. We have published over 70 titles and organised many exhibitions and events. 


John Holten
Editor in Chief and Co-founder

Ida Bencke

FUK Graphic Design Studio

Line Madsen Simenstad

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April 4. 2018. Thank you for the submissions. The window is now closed and we will be reading and responding to the submissions and should get back to people by June latest.

We do not generally accept open submissions for either publications or exhibitions. However in 2018 we are operating an open submission window from February 1 - April 1 for works of fiction in 2019. We are interested in fiction in particular, looking at political, environmental and sexual perspectives that push the boundaries both formally and with regard to content.

Please email a synopsis, short bio and extract to editorkakofonie@googlemail.com  


Our books are stocked in some of the most preeminent art bookstores in Europe. 

Germany, Austria and Switzerland - Vice Versa Distribution

Republic of Ireland and UK - Turnaround Publishing Services

North America -  RAM Publishing

You can order any of our books directly online from our shop - we ship worldwide


Our very first book won at the Charlemagne Prize in Aachen, Germany in 2010: