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Büro BDP is the creative agency and showroom of the award winning independent publishing house, Broken Dimanche Press. After six years of solid growth and development, BDP has established a talented team and network of creative editors and designers and we have decided to share this committed and engaged experience with other active agents working today.




A European wide, avant-garde publishing house, from the beginning we were not afraid of borders and avowed to make beautiful books that married the best contemporary content to great design and spread the message far and wide. Working with FUK Graphic Design Studio we created a working method that met with great success and plaudits from many diverse fields, from politics to contemporary visual art. We attend as past laureates the Aachen Karlspries ceremony, regularly meeting heads of state and policy makers, marrying this perspective to the creative energy of Berlin’s Neukolln. We have helped on projects in the field from the Congo to Ireland, the Venice Biennale to Deutsche Boerse Photography Prize in London. One thing that is constant: our unfettered belief that new, ambitious content can be aided and abetted with outstanding production and design work, helping give birth to the radical, the exquisite, the challenging.






Art direction

Corporate identity
Content creation


Graphic design

Distribution solutions




We are proud to have worked with the following clients:


Contemporary Food Lab


Richard Mosse

The Vinyl Factory

Portland Museum of Modern Art

DHC/ART Montreal

Expanded Architecture (The University of Sydney)

TISSUE Magazine

Double Standards

NR Projects






Mareschstraße Berlin 


Berlin Neukölln






Creative Director and co-founder John Holten with Angela Merkel, 2011