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This Embodiment
Hanne Lippard
20 x 29.7cm, 98 pages
Design, layout and text: Hanne Lippard
ISBN: 978-3-943196-58-0
July 2016
17 EURO / 17 GBP / 20 USD

It is with great pleasure to announce the follow up to Hanne Lippard’s Nuances of No (2013) with a new collection of work by the artist. Entitled ThisEmbodiment, this collection consists of work stemming from exhibitions and performances by Lippard over the past number of years. Including texts from her most recent exhibition entitled ‘Flesh’, at Berlin’s KW, that saw the artist use ‘her body and words to counterfeit perimeters given by established standards in art production and create a universe where the audience is physically as well as mentally brought outside of their confinements.’

The works collected display the various areas to which Lippard has directed her attention, from the worlds of work and supposed self improvement techniques, to food consumption and the roles played by advertising and language in our relation to both our relationship and estrangement from our bodies.

Hanne Lippard was born 1984 in Milton Keyes (GB) and lives and works in Berlin. At the start of 2017 she inaugurated the new programme at KW Berlin with the exhibition ‘Flesh’. Most recently, she took part in the 6th Moscow Biennale and shown work in the Städtische Galerie Karlsruhe and the Kunsthalle Wien. She is the winner of the Ars Viva prize 2016.