In Memory: Jökull

In Memory: Jökull
a rawlings, 2015

Werkdruck, 30x42 cm
Edition of 100
Price: 50 euro
Graphic design: Fuchs Borst

Glaciologists predict that all glaciers in Iceland will melt within 100 years. Since settlement within the country, the Icelandic word for glacier has been jökull (plural: jöklar). Icelandic boasts a variety of compound words that feature jökull within them. The list of compound jöklar includes references to geographic features, such as jökulá (glacial river) and jökulruðningur (moraine). English even adopts as a loanword the Icelandic jökulhlaup to refer to glacial floods that occur from sub-glacial volcanic eruptions. 
To create an intertextual resonance, In Memory: Jökull is typeset similarly to Roni Horn’s All the Names of the Lava Fields in Iceland—a list of compound names and landscape-referent repetition (-hraun, which means lava field in Icelandic). In Memory: Jökull stretches as a poetic landscape inhabiting paper, a counter-map emphasizing the word’s relationship to its linguistic cohabitants rather than its geographic placement.


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