La Houle is pleased to invite you to the launch of OBJETS MINCES PART 5, the fifth instalment of a multiple-part publication project in collaboration with artists and authors. Each instalment, containing folded papers, is published as a folder. A final print will conclude the series by gathering all the "Objets Minces."


Catherine Lenoble (Brussels)
Katrin Kamrau (Antwerp)
Astrid Seme &Thomas Geiger (Vienna) /

This fifth installment will focus on the literacy of 3D Printing, the geometry of reproducibility, and rubber-band funding strategies.


A several-part publication project, Objets Minces gathers interventions from various artists and authors on an identical format – an A3 sheet of paper, in order to reflect on the notions of series, of collection, or of sequence. At the crossroads of an edition, a multiple and a periodical, these works articulated around a small-scale form – thin and folded –, play with the notions of instantaneity, of exhibition space, and of imposition during the printing process. Each part of the Objets Minces gathers three folders made by three artists inside a folded cover, and each instalment is presented in a different location.

With : 
Xavier Aupaix
Myriam Arseneault-Goulet
Pierre Duys
Emmanuelle Quertain
Dieudonné Cartier
Rebekka Seubert
Guillaume Sinquin
Rebecca Jagoe
Ronan Le Creurer
Mathieu Gargam 
Laurianne Bixhain 
Brian McNearney

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