like biting into sugar cane - Simon Speiser

Simon Speiser draws experimental fictions out from a beyond only recently perceivable, where art embarrasses science fiction, where sculpture penetrates fantasy, and the reader must encounter perhaps the strangest recognizable texts yet concocted outside her own head.

— Mark Von Schlegell 

like biting into sugar cane
Simon Speiser
78 pages, A5, English
Book design: Form Und Konzept
Initial 50 limited edition copies

Only 5 Copies Left!


It is with great pleasure that BDP inaugurates the series ‘a book, a room’ with the solo exhibition and book 'like biting into sugar cane' by Simon Speiser. Both the exhibition and book are intended to co-habit the same arena, operating in and around each other in a pas de deux that maps the artist’s many interests. Ranging from science fiction, erotica, animalism and the exploration of worlds both distant and near, these interests mark Speiser as an artist of the already-present future, distinct with a singular visual and text vocabulary.

In the gallery space of Büro BDP, Speiser exhibits a number of prints of his work that incorporate manga and anime imagery, spacecraft and sex, they act like timestamps of a hallucinatory imagination. In tandem with the physical exhibit is the book of the same name that is printed in an initial limited edition run. These texts, collecting for the first time the artist’s writing, some of which have previously appeared alongside or as part of his artwork and exhibitions, allows the reader, in the words of Mark von Schlegell, to ‘encounter perhaps the strangest recognizable texts yet concocted outside her own head’.

Simon Speiser (b. 1988, Regensburg, Germany) began studying Fine Arts in 2008 at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart with Prof. Christian Jankowski and Prof. Alexander Roob and he graduated in 2014 from the Städelschule, Frankfurt, having studied in the classes of Willem de Rooij, Michael Krebber and Mark von Schlegell. Over the last four years Simon Speiser has participated in several group and solo shows in various institutions, galleries and project spaces including the Frankfurter Kunstverein, MMK Frankfurt, Alexander Levy Gallery, Croy Nielsen, Oracle Berlin and MMCA Seoul. 

The series a book, a room, is conceived and curated by John Holten as several solo exhibitions or interventions in our gallery space at Büro BDP, with each having an accompanying publication. The intention and aspiration is to give artists and writers the chance to place within both gallery and paginated spaces their work, and to explore the possibilities for narrative, storytelling and text within a visual, performative or otherwise physical practice; or indeed, for writers, to flip this and ask vice versa: how can writers extend literature into space?