Workshop Callout
9-13 November 2015 at Broken Dimanche Press, Berlin
25-29 November 2015 at FACT, Liverpool

Deadline for applications5 November Berlin, 18 November Liverpool

CADA (PT), Broken Dimanche Press (DE) and FACT (UK) are seeking artists, writers, architects and practitioners from other fields to participate in a five day intensive workshop (in Berlin or Liverpool) contributing to ‘city-centric’ releases of a ground-breaking work of digital art.

A Moeda (The Coin) is a software system, a piece of mobile freeware, which engages and reflects on the Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop will explore the storytelling potential created by the exponential growth and availability of data when internet-linked connectivity is extended to everyday objects, and provide a space for discussion on the social, cultural and ethical dimensions of the IoT’s deployment.

This is a unique opportunity to work with CADABroken Dimanche Press and FACTon a pan-European project between Lisbon, Berlin and Liverpool exploring novel approaches to telling stories ‘seen’ from the perspective of a travelling data object. The workshops will work to create ‘city-centric’ human interfaces for the A Moeda software.

Each workshop will set a creative challenge designed to immerse participants in the IoT’s complexity, broaden its public participation and diversify its present narratives.

Over five days members from CADA, Broken Dimanche Press, FACT and invited guests will introduce and actively examine the IoT’s infrastructures and assumptions. Learning about this paradigm through exploration and play, sessions will include novel narrative techniques, computational thinking, data visualization and interface design, with a strong emphasis on generating collaborative work and participants’ individual practice.

Material from the workshops will be used to produce ‘city-centric’ versions of the software which capture and express the cultural dimensions of European cities where the ‘coins’ are ‘minted’. These will be released as a free mobile phone application through subsequent launch events in Lisbon, Berlin and Liverpool.

There will also be the opportunity for participants to contribute to a project ebook. All workshop contributors will be fully credited on all outputs and their respective city software releases.

This opportunity is open to all, from students to professors, amateurs to professionals: individuals who are intellectually curious and want to approach the complexity of the Internet of Things from an artistic perspective. No technical skills are required.

To apply, please fill in the form below and provide a few sentences about why you want to participate. Please include links to websites, projects, etc and upload any accompanying documents eg CV or portfolio. We will then contact prospective participants. Places are limited so early application is recommended.

The workshops are free to attend. They will run from 9-13 November (Berlin) and 25-29 November (Liverpool), 10am-5pm each day.
Lunch and refreshments are included.

Deadline for applications: 5 November Berlin, 18 November Liverpool

Any questions contact