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Lorenzo Sandoval
A Broken Dimanche Press Chapbook
44 pages, riso and laserjet print
Produced at Büro BDP
ISBN: 978-3-9431996-57-3

Heliotext is an artist book and literary chapbook in one. As an artwork, Heliotext points towards the notion of being able to write text with light itself, which continues from a starting point for Lorenzo Sandoval of much of his current research on the distribution of images and its relation with computation, departing from the friendship of Henry Talbot - the inventor of the negative/positive system that allowed the distribution of photographic prints - with Charles Babbage - who together with Ada Lovelave was a pioneer in early computation. This new body of work is a reflection on how the knot of images and computation interweave the private life with larger infrastructures, modulating both desire and ways of living.

The poems are suggestive of Imagism and its use of condensed language to draw out a moment or image but also expressive of the mode of their production, namely the handheld smart phone. They have been collected and published in this chapbook by Broken Dimanche Press on the occasion of the exhibition 'Your Skin Is A Frozen Wave'. They are presented within the static screen of the phone on which they were also composed, giving an extra frame within the space of the page.

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