I'm Never Indifferent


I'm Never Indifferent


Lise Harlev

96 pages | 150 x 200 mm

Perfect bound | English


ISBN: 978-3-943196-74-0

Broken Dimanche Press are delighted to publish the English edition of I’m Never Indifferent, a collection of eighty-four prose poems by Danish artist Lise Harlev. These poems recount personal experiences and pay attention to a wide range of the minutiae of everyday life in a language that is at once detached and condensed. 

Each text in the book is accompanied by keywords that indicate its topics and these keywords in turn make up the book’s index. The keywords are only loosely related to the texts, creating a gap between the expected and actual content. This disjuncture becomes important to the book and its attempt to describe both identity and identification as openly as possible, allowing for unexpected meanings and associations to reveal themselves. 

I’m Never Indifferent is a literary work housed in the space of a bookwork: text and typography are inseparable and treated as equally important.

Lise Harlev is a Danish artist based in Berlin. Originally published in Danish in 2016, I’m Never Indifferent is her literary debut. Danish newspaper Information called the book “a cool examination of identity processes which rethinks the book as a soft archive”. www.liseharlev.com

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