Sanding Down Gravestones


Sanding Down Gravestones


Sanding Down Gravestones

By Lars Mørch Finborud

Design: FUK Graphic Design

ISBN: 978-3-943196-44-3

Translated from the Norwegian by Becky Crook

127 x 184 mm

168 pages

January 2017

Essays | Short prose

New Scandinavian Literature

14 EUR / £12


Sanding Down Gravestones takes the reader on a journey from crate-digging for records in New Delhi's bazaars to John Cage's passion for mushrooms. In a myriad of texts everything from Stig Sæterbakken’s literature recommendations to Joseph Goebbels' jazz orchestra and the history of Norwegian Christian rock is investigated and presented in new light.

For the last ten years Lars Mørch Finborud has worked to promote art and music as a curator, record producer and writer. Sanding Down Gravestones is not only a presentation of this extensive work, but also a literary and personal treatment of the material in the form of short stories, essays and poetry - written with Finborud’s usual black humor and sharp ability to communicate. As the iconoclastic title suggests, the book is not about promoting the established cannon, but rather to define a unique and personal relation to the history of art.

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