Space Dog Odyssey


Space Dog Odyssey


Space Dog Odyssey

Honey Biba Beckerlee and Mathias Kryger

96 pages

ISBN: 978-87-999834-9-9

Design: Zille Sophie Bostinius


Space Dog Odyssey is a series of four fictive documentaries written as performances unfolding fabulating, contrafactual stories about decisive moments in history told from the perspective of pets.

Space Dog Odyssey unfolds reparative readings of historical trauma by challenging a western ontology viewing humans as the only influential political agents of this world.

The scripts articulate world history in a playful manner, and insist on taking animals serious as co-authors of history while exploring the potentials of contrafactual accounts of history; imagining how pets might have changed historical events for the better.

Space Dogs for earthly survival!


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