The Readymades

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The Readymades


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Praise for The Readymades:

Holten's novel is one of the greatest works of art to come out of Berlin in recent years...You could say that LGB are the Next Big Thing to come of of Berlin, the timely projection of an embattled nexus - East versus West, the Real World versus the Art World, Purity versus Commodification, Literature versus the Visual Arts, Fiction versus Truth.
            — Travis Jeppesen, June/July 2012 issue of Art in America.


Young writers could do worse than take a leaf from [Tom] McCarthy’s book; John Holten[‘s] debut The Readymades continues the European tradition without trying to pass itself as a book by a Continental author. To say that McCarthy’s shadow is hanging over it would be unfair – rather, his themes are played anew, at times convincingly, at times tentatively, but for the most part boldly and with an honesty bordering on desperation.

—Anna Aslanyan, 3AM Magazine

Politics, art and literature get together in a perfect mix of novel, documentary text and art catalogue. The edition, beautifully designed by F.U.K Laboratories, elevates this novel to a piece of art in itself.

— Eva Gonçalves,

The Readymades by John Holten: easily one of the most ambitious, interesting, well-executed novels by an Irish writer I’ve come across.

— Rob Doyle, author of Here Come the Young Men

Holten has expanded the scope of the contemporary novel so that it is not merely a comment on the present but a set of artistic strategies and processes sent out into the world at large. 

 — Brian Dillon, UK editor of Cabinet magazine and author of Sanctuary

Book of the month April 2012

— The White Review

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