Trees - Font For MS Word etc


Trees - Font For MS Word etc

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Download a unique and functional font called Trees made by artist Katie Holten with the assistance of Katie Brown for the book About Trees. 

Amazing. Works on Word etc. 

The book is also available to buy from our site.

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About Trees is a book about trees written in Trees and is available here. Here you can download the Trees typeface.*

About Trees is the first book in the Broken Dimanche Press series Parapoetics - A Literature beyond the Human. Recognising a crisis of representation as our species adapts to life in the Anthropocene, About Trees considers our relationship with language, landscape, and perception. The result is an astonishing fusion of storytelling and art, which celebrates trees and our understanding of them, their past and their future, their potential and their ubiquity. It is a book to leaf through, again and again. 

"It is essentially an edited compilation of texts about, yes, trees, but also about forests, landscapes of the anthropocene, unkempt wildness, altered ecosystems, and, more broadly speaking, the idea of nature itself."
Geoff ManaughBLDGBLOG


"If literature is looking for a way forward in the Anthropocene, surely this is a place from which to start."
Stephen SparksThe Improbable


"Gently reaching, beautiful, bountiful — Katie Holten's About Trees translates pulp and ink into a new language of roots and branches, a bewildering, awilding forest of words as strange as it is unforgettable. Learning to live in the Anthropocene means learning to see, listen to, and speak with our world in whole new ways; About Trees helps us begin that transformation."
Roy Scrantonauthor of Learning to Die in the Anthropocene


"The political resistance movements of the future could communicate secret messages with trees—and go down in history as the slowest revolution ever. Holten is in full compliance with these plans, and actually has a few ideas of her own. "I was reading about the Obama library today. Their budget is something like $1 billion. I immediately was thinking, 'I wonder if they are thinking about landscaping the garden and need some sort of typographic forest?" she says with a laugh. "I feel like this is just beginning, there's a lot more to come. More volumes—and I want [the typeface] to be planted in real life, too."


" inspiring your new arboreal font/typeface is."
Robert MacFarlane

* The Trees typeface was made from Katie Holten's original tree drawings with the assistance of Katie Brown.