Call for Submissions

The Kakofonie 008.2 - The Canvassing Issue

Canvassing Table, Multimedia, Dimensions variable


Publik Aktion: June 22

Submission of work and proposals until June 16


"This May as I was about to set off on a multi-state trip at the bus stop for the airport in Rudow I talked with Alternative für Deutschland canvassers. This saw me being called a 'stupid liar' because I expressed the opinion that their intolerance and xenophobia brought shame to Germany. Opinions are kind of soft lies I suppose. Anyway, BDP has always been resolutely socially democratic in our retro-avant-gardism, nowhere more so than in The Kakofonie - The European Journal of Art and Literature. So to take action in these tumultuous times we are calling for art and literature submissions that expressly look at the state of the European project on the eve of the once in a generation vote of Brexit. This vote affects all of us, as the UK is a key member of the European Union and as such its decision to remain in the EU is something that will directly affect all of us. The issue will take on a new form as per all issues of The Kakofonie and for Issue 008.2 the form will be a canvassing table. As such we are open to submissions of everything from pin badges to T-Shirts to pamphlets and the humble xerox flyer. Get in touch with ideas, we can help. We also welcome content that is non-form specific. The spectrum is open, but the editorial line will be expressly pluralistic, ecological and European in nature. Whatever that may mean."

- John Holten

***Please spread this open call, particularly in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We are also keen for partners who would canvass this issue in the UK on June 22! Email for more info***

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