The Kakofonie 007

Broken Dimanche Press in collaboration with The Phoenix Atlas are proud to present The Kakofonie 007

This issue of the journal breeds ellipsis as if it was fun. We could be walking into Gallery Iris Clert but just as quickly walking out of it. The phantom limb obsesses this exhibition much like a woman, unseen, can be heard singing out on the street of a Spanish Sunday morning. Or that dog barking but never seen. In Mali the jihadists are on the retreat but the amputations remain. In the center, if there can be a center, stands a house, turned inside out.

The curators of this exhibition scratch the itch of phantom limbs, indeed they could be seen to be the itch itself. At the vanguard of the exhibition press release, they curate furiously in the age of e-flux, mining the void of the empty gallery, a space that in fact is so often not there. 

For this issue of the Kakofonie it is the artwork that is not there, the void is given walls, a heart, the sound of the words mere echoes in a receding image of what could be, what should be. The sound of this outline fills the space, becomes the space, and the viewer is invited to move through it for as long as it lasts, until it starts again, the repeated event.

The Phoenix Atlas is an Internet-based art collective, run by Dutch curator/art critic Okke De Groot, Brazilian artist Ana Laura Ferreira and Croatian art writer/publisher Jan Karan. The project focuses on writing as a practice between fiction, art criticism and curatorial activity. Most of the texts published are conceived as drafts, translations, comments or fictionalizations of non-existent shows, although they feature real artists and real artworks. Otherwise, pre-existing press releases and artworks are altered, as a form of subtle and ambiguous criticism. In order to rearrange stories and thoughts found material is often used, like quotes, film scripts and abstracts from articles or publications.