It is with great excitement that BDP invites you to the book launch of its newest publication Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen. On the occasion of the release, Büro BDP will host a presentation and exhibition stemming from the book - marking the culmination of a year long process. 

The project had its initial genesis in Sweden in September 2014. This was a two week long residency ending in an exhibition, made by a group of 10 artists. It took as its point of departure the play Three Sisters by Anton Chekov, as well as the particular history of the house Vrångsholmen. Following that in January 2015 the same group of artists made a writing workshop at Agora Collective in Berlin, Germany. There they discussed, prepared, wrote and collected material for a publication.

This material has since then been compiled, collated and edited into the current publication, which marks a collaborative collection of singular work comprised of both text and image.

Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen
Editors: Filippa Pettersson and Ida Bencke
Designed by Andreas Bohn/ neuelinie
Soft cover, full colour
Pages: 70
ISBN: 978-3-943196-41-2

September 2015. ENGLISH

There will be light food refreshments plus Bar BDP.

Three Sisters at Vrångsholmen was initiated by Filippa Pettersson and Anders Nilsson but realized collectively. The other participants are Josefin Arnell, Adam Fearon, Nina Fránková, Jana Fröberg, Max Göran, Lukas Heistinger, Ingela Ihrman, Eli Levén and Inger Wold Lund. It has been kindly sponsered by IASPIS, Tanums Kommun and OCA