We taking part in this open door festival, in which publishing houses open their doors to the public. We will showcase some of our editions and rarities with a small exhibition, as well as offering discounts on a range of our books. Be welcome.

We are very happy to be taking part in this festival of publishing houses, taking place across Germany this week/end. For #verlagebesuchen, 2017, we are opening our doors to the public this Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 14-19h, with an exhibition and book display of some of our editions and artwork, as well as offering a booksale on most of our titles! We look forward to welcoming you.

Die Broken Dimanche Press lädt ein, ihr Büro zu besuchen. Präsentation von Büchern und Projekten sowie Verkauf!
Please come by and visit our publishing house - we will be having a Spring Sale with reductions on our titles!

#verlagebesuchen, www.verlagebesuchen.de

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

2-7pm each day